30150 W 154th Street
Gardner Kansas 66030

Living Life Ranch


Children will be taught ranch and horsemanship skills that will allow them to discover their potential and ability while building self–esteem and confidence.

  • Horse Riding Clinics – a volunteer Professional trainer will facilitate horse training clinics and racing training. Each child will be trained from groundwork up to saddle work. The children’s assigned counselor will be at their side.

  • Horse Care – each child will be assigned a horse to care for and ride for the 5 days. A counselor will be assigned to each child to assist with these activities.
  • Groundwork with Halter – each child will learn how to halter their horse and work their horse from the ground with the halter & lead rope.

  • Ground work with tack (Saddle, Blanket and Bridle) - each child will learn how to tack their horse up and work their horse from the ground with tack
    Mount work & reining – each child will learn how to mount and handle their horse walk, turn, back-up etc.

  • Riding work – children will learn how to walk, trot & canter their horse.
    Trail riding clinic – children will learn how to take their horse through a trail riding obstacle course.

  • Trail ride – children and counselor will be taken on a trail ride.

NOTE: Some of these activities would not be available at our current location. LLR has partnered with local ranches that would provide true ranch experiences. The advanced activities would depend on time allowed for training the riders so they would have the knowledge and skills to perform those activities successfully.
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