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Equine Angels

  • Nature Based – Physiologist, upon asking some of their patients what the ideal healing place was, unanimously the setting was in the country with animals present. In contrast a typical office environment in the city emits a chaotic, unnatural, and uncomfortable setting

  • Similarity to Humans – Horses are social animals they allow us to unite unconditionally with another living being. We can take our masks off without fear of rejection. The horse has no expectations, prejudices, or motives. All of these traits allow the child to open up and reveal their selves and receive feedback from the horse’s responses. This is the key to healing: expressing true feelings and interaction with another being to develop a true self-concept.

  • Respect – The size of the horse alone demands respect, a necessary ingredient if the therapist is to have any influence on the patient. Traditional therapy for a child unwilling to participate often creates a great barrier, but a therapist utilizing the horse will likely receive respect, for they have power over the massive equine. Once the respect is established the child will more likely than not listen to the guidance of their therapist. Many times the children eagerly anticipate the sessions perceiving them as enjoyment and not therapy. All sources site this as a relief from the normal struggle of contradicting the negative attitude people have towards therapy

  • Tool for self-awareness – This self-awareness is used in particular for anger management. For instance, a rider must learn to control their anger to properly control the actions of the horse. The horse will make the patient responsible for their emotional state, because if the rider displays their anger in instructing the horse, the horse will respond in a disobedient fashion Likewise, antisocial teenagers are shown through the horse's actions that they must control their aggressive behavior in order to obtain the horse's cooperation
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